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All-New Chrome-Based Brave to Hit the Market Soon


Brave seems to be taking its game a notch higher, given the recent announcement of its plans to develop a new browser. The new browser will be based on Chromium and this means that it will also employ the native user interface for chromium rather than the Javascript and HTML interface that has been in use. According to Brave, the “rewrite” has been made accessible to developers as open source.

According to the document that detailed this move:

The new release will have support for nearly all [Google] Chrome features and extension APIs, unlike the current Brave browser. 

A Shift For Brave

As much as Brave has hitherto been supporting extensions from Chrome, the focus now seems to have shifted as it claims the new browser is not expected to have any code that links to the Chrome web store or Google. The document also outlined Brave’s Android extension as already fully integrated to Chromium. This is now possible without the code for synch, Google accounts or any other surveillance risks associated with Google.

When Is This Expected to Happen?

As much as the update intimated that Brave 1.0 is expected later in the year, there has been no specific launch date given. However, more updates are definitely expected from Brave as time goes by.

According to the document, the open source version that developers can have access to is not yet ready for release as an upgrade to the current Muon-based browser. This is because based on its development vital features like the brave payments, sync and Tor private tabs will still need addition based on the implementations of Muon.

Focus on Apple’s Compatibility

It should also be noted that Brave hopes to update its IOS browser as it is now halfway its move from UI Web View to WK web view. This has been necessitated by the need to benefit from Apple’s preferred embedding solution and newer engine.

Apart from these, Brave users should also expect to benefit from the “see opt-in private ads” option. With these, they can expect to get a 70% distribution in its revenue share that comes from advertising earnings and will be distributed in the form of Basic Attention tokens, Brave’s cryptocurrency.

What do you think about Brave’s move to transition to Chromium? How will this improve its usability? Let us know your views in the comments section below.