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The Crown Prince of Liechtenstein is Now Interested in Cryptocurrency


Over time, cryptocurrency seems to be attracting attention, even from unlikely sources. Well, from the looks of things, the royal families seem to be warming up to this digital trade if the recent statement by the Crown Prince of Liechtenstein is anything to go by. On Friday, the Prince intimated that his family is seriously considering investing part of their $5 billion fortune in digital currencies.

One Way to Boost the Family’s Fortune

Crown Prince Alois Phillip says that he is optimistic about the potential of the new digital economy and believes that it may be a thing to look out for in the near future. He believes that the cryptocurrencies will go a long way towards boosting the fortunes of the royal family, that have steadily grown since the World War II.

Lack of Internal Expertise

However, one factor that seems to be standing in the Prince’s way is the fact that his family lacks internal knowhow, especially in terms of making predictions and speculations about the future of cryptocurrencies in general.

He says:

I think we would rather do that or are currently doing that through our general exposure via private equity, venture capital funds where we are investing. Where cryptocurrency will move to, I think that’s very open still. So I think one has to really see that it’s a very risky asset class.

Full Confidence in Blockchain

With regards to blockchain, however, the Prince seems to be more bullish and exudes some confidence in its potential. He even intimated that his government could potentially make use of the technology. He says:

I think particularly the whole blockchain technology is very interesting … blockchain will change a lot of areas, a lot of businesses in the future. I think the attractive elements of blockchain technology could be used to make the state more efficient in the way it’s administered

Liechtenstein is a tiny country located between Switzerland and Austria. It is best known for its low corporate taxes. Notably, the royal family doesn’t seem to be the only party with keen interest in cryptocurrency in the country. More individuals are coming out to express their interest in the crypto trade in the area.

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What do you think about Crown Prince’s interest in cryptocurrency? Is this finally a sign that digital trade is taking root in all spheres? Let us know of your views in the comments section below.