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The EU Is Hosting a Question Session About Blockchain and Cryptocurrency


As the debate on cryptocurrency regulation continues, the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum has decided to host a special ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) session to answer questions about the future of the industry.

The organization, which was formed by the European Commission, will focus on blockchain research and development and is currently soliciting questions from the general public about the relatively new technology.

In an announcement on its website, the Blockchain Observatory said it will devote 90 minutes to discussing some of the most pressing issues in the cryptocurrency space on June 18th.

Among other things, the announcement says the session will focus on the fundamentals of blockchain technology, its use cases, and what to expect in the years ahead.

Enhancing Blockchain Public Awareness

The new session shows great resolve by the European Union commission to enhance public awareness about the benefits of blockchain technology. According to the session’s agenda, published on the Observatory’s website, the session will aim at educating the public on the basic tenets of blockchain technology, and how its applicable in real life situations.

EU Blockchain has been hosting a series of workshops and panel discussions to figure out the best ways to approach this fledgling technology in the new age of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law that came into effect last month.The organization says that materials from the workshops will be released on its website in a few weeks, but recordings are already available on their YouTube channel.

The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum launched earlier this year in February to help accelerate the progress and development of the European blockchain ecosystem. The initiative was established by the European Commission and the European Parliament as part of their plan to invest €340 million in blockchain tech by 2020.

The EU has shown a positive attitude towards the blockchain technology in the last couple of months. CoinDesk reports that at the start of the year, the head of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, hosted an online session where he answered questions by the public that were posted through various social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. The questions touched on blockchain and cryptocurrency, and the different policies that the bank has regarding the industry.

Anyone interested in partaking in the AMA can drop their questions to the Blockchain Observatory on Twitter by using the hashtag #AMAblockchain along with the handle @EUBlockchain. You an also tune into their YouTube livestream to follow all the proceedings live on June 18th.

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