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Ties: Distributed and Decentralized Public Smart Database

Connecting People and Storing Information on the Chain


Ties is taking on two areas in 2017 and 2018. Ties.DB will provide users with a decentralized, public, distributed database with a great degree of trust and flexibility. Meanwhile, Ties.Network will create a B2B platform, connecting people on the blockchain. This aspect has been dubbed “The LinkedIN of Blockchain”.


Ties.DB aims to offer structured storage while keeping trust levels high. Existing database service BigChainDB does that already, but Ties are also offering users the opportunity to delete data. This, they say, adds an extra layer of flexibility. The idea of structuring the data storage is to make it easily searchable, while the issue of assigning nodes is tackled with the use of paid private-key signing for content modification. It is designed to provide storage for data rather than finances. The expectation is that companies and applications will use Ties.DB for social media, big data and file storage etc.


Ties.Network is aiming to connect people over the blockchain. Imagine that you’re certain that your idea is the next big thing. You want to create an ICO and a new token, but you have no coding experience. Through Ties.Network, you could connect instantly to an experienced, trustworthy coder and set your dream on the path to reality. As a professional network, it would also be helpful for country-specific information, such as ICO legitimacy or even advice. Of course, Ties.Network uses Ties.DB as its storage mode – the NoSQL database allows for unlimited storage.

The Token Generation Events for Ties.DB and Ties.Network happened in August and October 2017 respectively. Ties have declared both a success, and are going ahead with their stated roadmap of development for 2018. This should see a Beta launch in Q4 2018 and the potential for integration with other blockchains (Ties are currently developing on Ethereum) in 2019.