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Top Bitcoin Documentaries Everyone Must Watch

Our top eleven documentaries to watch


The year that just ended has seen unprecedented events in the world of Bitcoin. Since its launch with Satoshi Nakamoto’s whitepaper in 2009, there have been over one thousand new cryptocurrencies introduced to the space with rapid growth in the industry that no one could have predicted. Frankly, the crypto space is currently full of confusion with the rise and fall of altcoins not to mentions calls for regulations and inspection of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

However, what most stands out is the fact that in the midst of the hype and media attention hardly anyone understands why Bitcoin had to be launched in the first place.  Bitcoin’s history is full of strange stories of early adopters becoming billionaires by just holding the virtual coins; the real story, however, goes beyond money to complex philosophies that might change the future as we know it.

The most approachable way of wrapping your head around it is a documentary. After all, the story of Bitcoin is full of dramatic twists and turns that is only fit for a Hollywood production. So here are some of the top documentaries that will get you up and be running with Bitcoin’s history.

1. Bitcoin: The End of Money as We know it

This documentary brings to life the disruptive nature of Bitcoin. It recounts the misty that is Satoshi Nakamoto with the creation of a first of its kind Blockchain technology that is set to challenge traditional banking industries. It was released in December 2014 and makes for a great film for families that want to understand Bitcoin’s History.

2. Banking on Bitcoin

Banking on Bitcoin takes us back to January 2009 at the collapse of the global financial system. This documentary covers how most countries are still recovering from the effect of the financial crisis. The film is a great reminder for Bitcoin enthusiasts that just as the Bitcoin space is highly volatile and risky, so is everything else in the world.

3. Master of the Universe

Although this film is not about Bitcoin, it delivers a sobering explanation for the irrational mindset of financiers across the globe. It is a detailed work that follows the story of a former German banker who shares his views on recessions and financial markets. The film gives you a perspective of how capital markets work with highlights of ethical dilemmas that happen on a daily basis in the financial world.

4. The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

This documentary takes you through the life of a 35-year-old computer programmer who gets fascinated with digital currency. You get to learn everything about Bitcoin thought his active interest in Bitcoin as social and political impacts of Bitcoin and digital currencies are illustrated throughout the film.

5. I Am Satoshi

Created by Tomer Kantor, the film presents a poignant and creative story about Bitcoin that is all-encompassing to say the least. Produced with a mix of styles that bounces between guerilla filmmaking to literature research, studio sessions and video interviews, this documentary will get you intrigued by the misty that is Satoshi Nakamoto.

6. The Bitcoin Gospel

Prominently features in the films Roger Ver (an early investor in Bitcoin) takes you through how a Bitcoin transaction works. The documentary is produced by VPRo (a Dutch TV station) and takes you through a world of Bitcoin that gives ordinary people the capacity to become their own banks.

7. Bitcoin-Shape The Future (Chinese)

Bitcoin shape the future documentary is the first Bitcoin based documentary with a Chinese perspective. It first premiered in September 10 last year in an event launched by Bitkan (a Bitcoin trading platform). The film shows you how China is quickly becoming a voice to reckon with in the worldwide Bitcoin community and how the country is set to change the future of Bitcoin.

8. The Bitcoin Doco

Produced as a series of interviews with a narration that guides you through, this documentary will illustrate to you just how significant Bitcoin is to the future of every industry in the world. It starts off with the mention of Millburn Australia (considered one of the fastest adopters of new technology per capita) and continues to share tales of losses and success made in the cryptocurrency space.

9. The Bitcoin Phenomenon

The Bitcoin Phenomenon is a film produced by SQ1.TV to capture the story of how Bitcoin began right from the whitepaper that Satoshi posted late 2008 to how Bitcoin sparked a cryptocurrency industry that is now worth more than half a trillion US dollars. It explores the complexity of digital currency and takes you through an in-depth analysis of interviews from venture capitalist, entrepreneurs and libertarians of the Bitcoin space.

10. Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution

Released in January 2017, Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution introduces you to the first of its kind digital currency of the world that is about to give control over money to the people. It shares a storyline that takes you to the roots of Bitcoin and shows how the digital currency works.

11. The Bitcoin Experiment

The Bitcoin experiment is a documentary film that follows the global economic crisis of 2008 that led to concerns and questions being asked about the functioning of the global financial market. While most people at the time were turning towards Bitcoin to regain control, the documentary poses an intriguing hypothesis that seeks to uncover the truth of Bitcoin.

Is there a documentary that you have watched and found helpful in understanding Bitcoin? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section!