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Toshi for Chrome to be Launched Soon; Fully Open Source


In a tweet, Toshi gave a sneak preview of the upcoming Toshi wallet / web 3 extension for Chrome. The firm says the new feature is written in TypeScript, uses the cipher engine, and will be fully open-source when it goes live to the general public.

Toshi users will now be able to access the Toshi wallet using the Google chrome browser. It will be easier to access various Ethereum-based coins and tokens.

New DApp Browsing Experience

Toshi was launched late last year by Coinbase and is a combination of two different aspects. Firstly, as a DApp browser. Toshi is a way to use decentralized apps built on the Ethereum network. Early DApps like CryptoKitties and Leeroy were the first to gain traction. Toshi now features more than 40 DApps, and there are many more on the way. The firm says its first goal is to be the best DApp browser on both mobile and web.

The second aspect is Toshi as a mobile Ethereum wallet. Storing and spending one’s Ethereum on mobile is not an easy way. However, Toshi has revolutionized this, enabling p2p payments, commerce, and a way to store one’s Ethereum tokens securely. This can happen via QR codes, similar to WeChat or sending to other users. Now it will be easy to access the wallet using Google chrome.

Continued Improvements

In order to serve users in the best way, Toshi has been improving its browsing experience, to allow people to easily discover new DApps easily.

Recently, the firm started to organize DApps into categories to help new users make sense of the decentralized’s now easy for users to pick their preferred platform form a wide range of Exchanges, Games & Collectibles, Marketplaces, Social Media, Jobs, and Crowdfunding DApps.

Browser navigation has also improved . Users can now easily navigate between pages and change URLs. Finally, the developers have made several tweaks under the hood for better DApp compatibility and faster browsing.

Earlier this month, the firm announced that Toshi is expanding beyond Ethereum and ERC20. In a blog, the firm says that it has often received positive feedback from users who love the simplicity of the wallet, because it is easy to store and manage assets that are available on the Ethereum blockchain. In line with this, the firm says that it is working on adding support for other cryptos that are available on Coinbase  —  Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin   — to Toshi. Although the firm has not give a definite official release date, it is expected to be sooner than initially thought.

The firm says its just getting started and good things are in the pipeline as it continues to make Toshi the best cryptocurrency wallet and the easiest way to explore the world of web3.

Is Toshi on its way to becoming the world’s dominant crypto wallet? Share your views with us in the comments section.