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Traders Can Now Trade More Than 4 Cryptocurrencies on Yahoo Finance’s IOS App


Even though the digital currency craze has cooled off at the moment, there are still a good number of investors looking to stay informed on the performance of various coins in the market.

From traders to investors and even speculators, the cryptocoin market has been hungry for information to act on for quite some time.

Yahoo Finance Adds Crypto Trading

For this reason, Yahoo Finance, one of the leading information and news sites for stocks and market quotes, has added a new feature to its platform that will allow crypto trading.

Enabling the new feature is the partnership between Yahoo Finance and TradeIt (an integration platform that enables brokerage services to act as a trading hub for financial assets).

The announcement was made on Thursday through a blog post on Yahoo Finance’s site.

According to the post, Yahoo Finance’s new feature will support in-app trading on an IOS app where assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin will be available for trading.

So far, however, the service only seems to be available on the desktop version of Yahoo Finance. The announcement of the servicedid indicate, though, that with the new IOS app, users can act on trading information of cryptocurrencies and even trade directly on the platform.  This newly launched feature will allow users to sell and buy cryptocurrencies by directly linking their accounts through TradeIt’s integration.

Ongoing Developments

According to Joanna Lambert, the general manager at Finance and Tech  at Oath, “As the leading provider of financial data, insights, and editorial content, Yahoo Finance will constantly be looking for ways to better serve audiences on the Yahoo Finance platform.”

Lambert also noted that TradeIt and Yahoo Finance had already started a pilot phase of the project last year and are only now “allowing people to trade on Yahoo Finance for the first time ever.”

Lambert also said that Yahoo Finance is excited to expand this offering to cryptocurrencies, further connecting our passionate community of investors with relevant utilities on our trusted platform.

Among the features it hopes to add are Android compatibility, mobile web platforms, and desktop.

On the other hand, Tradeit is not a newcomer to the crypto game. The company has been helping Coinbase support digital currencies on its platform since last year.

While cryptocurrencies are gaining more attention from the mainstream media, companyies like Yahoo Finance that have a history of tracking Bitcoin’s price for the last four years will play a significant role in informing and facilitating traders and investors in the crypto space.

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