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Tutor Ninja Token (NTOK) P2P Blockchain-Enabled Education Platform

Creating a Blockchain-Enabled Education Platform


With the rapid move of the education market from offline to online in the recent years, NTOK  (a peer-to-peer educational platform that is blockchain-enabled to facilitate distance learning) estimates that by 2022 the education market will have reached a whopping $227 billion. At the moment, the online tutoring market stands at about 5 percent but with an expected growth especially in the fields of languages, continuing professional education, preschool preparation and supplementary instruction for K12 students.

In fact, distance learning with a tutor is quickly becoming the norm, with university students, parents and adults choosing it to gain valuable cultural knowledge and experience beyond borders. Whether it’s learning to improve grades and skills or simply studying for the excitement of learning, distance learning is becoming more regular, with over 70% of the tutoring market preparing to go online. NTOK hopes to pioneer a blockchain-enabled educational platform that has the potential for growth to a market size of $150 billion.

The Missing Ingredient for Distance Learning

However, even with such high hopes for the education sector, there are problems that NTOK seeks to solve with its blockchain approach. To begin with, students that are online choose tutors based on unreliable and sometimes fake ratings, leading to educational fraud, not to mention delivery of substandard courses.

This is why NTOK is looking to set up a transparent and secure blockchain-enabled rating protocol that will deliver verifiable information about tutors on its ecosystem. Built on blockchain technology, reviews and ratings will be immutable.

Another problem that NTOK is trying to solve is the fact that most online tutors lack sufficient tools for conducting online distance learning. To make students and tutors more comfortable, NTOK plans to create active study areas where there will be better quality sharing of audio and video files between participants online.

Also, thanks to the tokenization of the NTOK project using the NTOK token, students will be able to know exactly how much they are paying, with direct payment to tutors on a platform on which middle-man fees and commissions are non-existent.

In addition, the NTOK platform will facilitate online schedules for both tutors and students. Students will not only be able to search and select tutors using several parameters, but they will also see tutors with free slots or upcoming lessons. Now that’s a smart education program.

Do you think the education sector needs an upgrade? And will NTOK be the much-needed blockchain solution? Share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comment section!