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UK Member of Parliament Calls for Appointment of Chief Blockchain Officer


The Conservative MP for Walsall North, Eddie Hughes, has published a report which urges the government to turn its attentions more fully to blockchain use cases in the UK. In the report, Hughes states that there is a need for a Chief Blockchain Officer to coordinate the application of the pioneering technology to public services across the country. Part of the document reads:

Embracing the opportunities of distributive ledger technology
(DLT) should be fit explicitly—nominally as well as
substantively—into a ministerial brief. And a public-facing
‘Chief Blockchain Officer’ should be appointed from within
the government’s existing taskforce to coordinate the UK’s
strategy regarding the application of DLT to public services
and data. This role should be expanded to include other key
new technologies, such as AI, as and when they converge.

The report comes at a time when the UK parliament is becoming increasingly interested in Distributed Ledger Technology, with a report from the House of Lords being published in November and a large number of startups hoping to disrupt industries with blockchain solutions in the UK. And Hughes believes that the vision for the future is extremely positive with the adoption of blockchain:

Blockchain and associated technologies offer an unrivalled
opportunity to begin to review and redesign the UK’s data
systems. Whitehall and public services could be fundamentally
rewired to empower citizens and better serve their needs. We
should encourage digital entrepreneurship. We must tackle the
trust deficit. By introducing a departmental target for blockchain
efficiency savings, we can begin to generate a digital dividend
to pass on to tax payers or to reinvest.

It remains to be seen what effect, if any, this paper will have on government discussions. However, this is yet another voice added to the growing clamour for more extensive investigation in the UK.

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