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Upcoming ICO: GoNetwork – Mobile-based Digital Trading to Help Speed Ethereum Up


As Ethereum becomes more and more crowded, the issues of scalability and mass adoption remain a concern. Although Vitalik Buterin has already announced long-term plans for sharding and the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) to address these issues, in the short-term, the increasing demand is outstripping the work going on behind the scenes.

One of the most rapidly-growing areas of use is in the gaming industry. The industry itself is worth over $100 billion worldwide and is ever-growing. With the expansion of in-game worlds, network interaction and character development, has come the concept of trading. This is when gamers swap or trade digital goods, codes, uniforms, weapons or whatever else, online. Increasingly, the gaming industry is turning to blockchain technology for this, due to the enhanced security of the tech, but this has caused an Ethereum overload in recent months.

Taking it Off-chain

GoNetwork are proposing to help ease the load with their application. First off, it will be mobile-first, which taps into a $1 trillion dollar market. Secondly, transactions will be contained within the app itself, and there will be off-chain transactions, meaning that users won’t clog up the “live” blockchain, so to speak. Now, they are running a token sale to raise funds for the next stage of their development; making an app that can be used worldwide.


The GOT token will serve as the unit of trade within the app, and will also feature a rewards system. One of their secondary intentions is also to offer a debit card for spending these GOT (Go Tokens) – called the Pocket Card.

50% of the tokens will be up for grabs in the upcoming sale, which has generated significant interest. So, stay tuned to for the latest news on the launch date!