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Vault Reveal App Store Wallet for Tokens and Collectibles


Vault have announced that they are launching a wallet on Apple’s App Store that will allow for the purchasing and storage of blockchain collectibles. The wallet is designed specifically for non-fungible tokens – those that have a singular, specific purpose and are built on the ERC-721 protocol, such as CryptoKitties. The idea behind the wallet is to help the casual user get into the world of crypto and easily store items that they have collected, rather than focusing on the developer side as a number of similar products out there tend to do.

John Egan, the co-founder of Vault, told Coindesk:

The motivation here is no one wants to build in an ecosystem that customers can’t get access to, so it’s really important to build those on-ramps … [Vault] doesn’t present them with a lot of technical information, just gives them a way to start using [dapps]. It’s like the early days of baseball cards, you didn’t buy them to make 50 [times] their value later, you bought them to own them or trade them with your friends. I think that’s the big opportunity with collectibles … you want to have these things because you want them, not because you’re chasing prices … I think that’s what the future is, the utility is coming.

Vault, who can boast Consensys and Raptor among their investors, say that “blockchain infrastructure has set the stage for a new generation of distributed applications that are valuable to everyone, not just asset traders. From financial microtransactions to easy-to-audit contracts to entire digital worlds powered by secure, portable ownership, dApps are making real the trust-economics of consensus ledger technology. We’re on a mission to give everyone in the world access to the decentralized future.”

Today being the launch of the iOS app, if you register and install Vault quickly, you’ll receive a free collectible. More information on this offer can be found here.