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Venezuela Launches a Crypto School After Petro’s Pre-Sale ‘Success’


The government of Venezuela has opened a cryptocurrency school in the country’s capital, Caracas. The syllabus of the training centre will incorporate topics related to cryptocurrencies including buying, selling and mining as well as the various functions of the crypto ecosystem.

The Granja Laboratorio Petro School has even acquired equipment for cryptocurrency mining such as five Application-specific integrated circuit chips (ASICs), and ‘seven PeriCoin mining machines’, as reported by TeleSUR.

One of the cryptocurrency trading professors, Carmen Salvador, spoke to Reuters with details on the school, “What we hope to do with this, primarily, is to make knowledge accessible like any new methodology or technology. Often times, access is difficult for those that don’t have resources, so we’ve designed this plan with a completely free training, and in any international market a trading course cost more than $500 to $800. Many of our young people here find it impossible to have this amount of resources, [but] the Venezuelan state is guaranteeing that all can participate through these plans.”

Pedro Infante, the Youth and Sports Minister, further explained the mining division to be “made up of several areas such as the Mining Laboratory, where all the necessary equipment is found to mine any type of cryptocurrency on the planet.”

The current Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro, has previously stated that in order to “strengthen the Venezuelan economy”, the country has and will provide resources “for the installation of student mining farms in the country’s universities.”

Venezuela has become a crypto friendly country under the guidance of Maduro’s controversial cryptocurrency initiatives. Just a few days ago, Petro began its pre-sale ICO which reportedly raised $735 million on the very first day. Although additional details of the event were not released, the President recently announced that Venezuela will be launching another cryptocurrency, Petro Oro (Pretro Gold). According to Maduro, “Today, a cryptocurrency is being born that can take on Superman.”

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