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Voatz Raises $2.2 Million in Seed Funding to Make Voting Systems More Secure

Now the hard work begins


Voatz, a company that allows voting by mobile phone, has announced that it has raised $2.2 million in seed funding, to roll out its platform nationwide. The round of funding was led by Overstock – specifically one of its subsidiaries, Medici Ventures.

The system has already been in use for a while in educational circles and in state politics. In universities and colleges, voting systems are very common. However, the latest round of funding will see Voatz turn its attention to the national political voting systems in the US.

What’s Under the Hood?

Voatz is made up of a hybrid of biometric and blockchain technology. Blockchain has received huge amounts of praise for its sensitive and transparent handling of data, so it would seem an ideal underlying technology for a secure voting system. When you combine the possibility of a fingerprint or retina identification system, with a secure ledger logging all votes case, there is clearly the potential to make Voatz a very important and powerful tool. However, the real jewel in the crown is that voting can take place on a mobile phone. Across some parts of America, voter turnout is lower now than it ever has been, and it is due in part to the unwillingness of your average voter to get themselves to a polling station. The opportunity to cast a vote from your sofa at the touch of a button would certainly raise turnout figures. Furthermore, it would put paid to claims of rigged elections that have dominated the US in the last 12 months.

As there will be no tokenized system attached to Voatz, there will not bean upcoming ICO. That leaves us sitting tight and watching to see how effectively the $2.2 million is used!

Would you use a mobile phone voting system during a presidential election? Let us know your thoughts.