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WePower Network: Providing the World With Cleaner Energy

WePower Network Gives Everyone Access To Cleaner Energy


Green Energy is now a major concern over the world. This is why WePower is taking the initiative to provide an exchange platform with the aim of promoting a healthier and cleaner future by using a decentralized blockchain technology.

The inventors of the WePower platform have seen challenges facing the world. They have seen that the world runs on dirty energy eve though we have the technology to create something good. We understand the benefits of having green energy, but using it in our homes is a major challenge.

The objective of WePower is to provide a solution to some of these challenges by providing a network where it will be easier for everyone to participate fairly. Those who buy green energy, produce green energy, and invest in green energy can come together through a decentralized system.

How WePower Works

The platform is a distributed green energy network founded on the Ethereum blockchain. Just like other platforms, it uses a token and smart contract-based ecosystem to ensure that the world of green energy becomes more efficient.

It is connected to an energy exchange market and energy grid. This platform links both new and existing renewable energy producers with firms that want to use energy, or want to invest in a 100-percent clean energy future.

The WePower blockchain addresses important challenges within the platform ecosystem, which include:

  • Bringing transparency to both the consumption and production of green energy through the monitoring of the grid telemetry. Also, ensuring that data is accessible to users.
  • Giving direct access to finance for green energy production projects which will be manufactured in the future, through the purchasing of energy up front.
  • Allowing borderless and cheap purchases of green energy from producers, to supply consumers directly, irrespective of their location.

Features of WePower

WePower advertises the following features, available throughout its blockchain:

Purchasable by Everyone

One of the plans of WePower is to cater for the need of the international community including investors, consumers, and producers. The system depends on blockchain-based smart contracts. Aside from this, the blockchain technology certifies that the network is international. For instance, green energy manufactured in Germany can be sold in Spain. The location where the energy is produced isn’t a factor, and neither is its destination.

Buy Energy for Investment or Consumption

By using tokens, WePower gives users the ability of either using green energy as an investment, or for their own personal consumption. The market becomes more attractive as each token is purchased. What this signifies is that more green energy is manufactured.


The platform boasts of transparency because the information from the energy grid is converted into tokens, which correctly depict the amount of energy consumed by each individual, and the flow of energy produced. Additionally, all transactions are recording on the public blockchain.

Anybody can produce green energy.

Founders / Owners of WePower

The company lays emphasis on the fact that the team comprises individuals with in-depth experience concerning green energy. The team includes:

  • Nikolaji Martyniuk – Co-Founder of the platform. He has spent over 10 years working in the building of energy plants and solar plants, in the energy sector as a whole, and the buying and selling of green energy.
  • Artūras Asakavičius – Also Co-Founder of the platform, with experience in FinTech. He practises law in the Baltic.
  • Augustus Staras: Co-Founder, CrowdFunding, and P2P.


The objective of WePower is to transform the world of green energy by using blockchain-based smart contracts. The WePower platform assembles energy consumers, energy producers, and energy infrastructure investors. By making use of a decentralized platform, it makes it flexible for these three parties (energy consumers, energy producers, and energy infrastructure investors) to interact through an open and impartial marketplace.