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What are the Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallets?

The Top Three Bitcoin Hardware Wallets for 2017


Bitcoin hardware wallets have come a long way. A great many have been created over the years. However, there are those that have emerged clear winners. Now, the most secure method of storing Bitcoin is a hardware wallet. To access this wallet, you are usually required to prove that you own it. If you are serious about Bitcoin, ensure that you get yourself one of these wallets. Here are the top three wallets to consider:

Ledger Nano S

This company used to play second fiddle to TREZOR but it has since emerged as a leading contender. The Nano S wallet comes in a sleek design, offers a wide support of altcoins, and sports an intuitive interface. The wallet costs about $63, which makes it quite affordable.

LedgerWallet, the company behind the Nano S, has been around quite a long time and has earned the respect of those in the altcoin community. Honestly, you couldn’t find anything negative to say about this wallet, even if you scoured the Internet for days on end.


TREZOR is another awesome Bitcoin hardware wallet. It is also probably the most reputable hardware wallet out there. It has a cool design, and a simple user interface. The wallet costs about $99. The main advantage it has over its competitors is its reputation.


This beautiful, though large wallet comes in third. It has most of the features you will find in TREZOR and Ledger Nano S. However, its large design makes it difficult to carry in your pocket; it is almost twice as large as the other two top wallets. Besides that, the company does not have a particularly well-known reputation. On the bright side, this wallet supports a huge array of altcoins, and currently costs about $99. However, these are not the only wallets for bitcoin out there.

The Downside to Hardware Wallets

While hardware wallets keep your Bitcoin safe offline, they have their drawbacks. For instance, if you misplace the recovery seed key or the PIN, you will not have access to your coins. Thus, you should always have a backup of the PIN code somewhere. The backup seed key should be stored somewhere on a piece of paper and kept safe. It is best to have about three copies hidden somewhere.

Final Verdict

If you are serious about cryptocoins, get a hardware wallet. These wallets cost money and you may not wish to spend it while you can get free storage online. However, the security you get with a hardware wallet is quite valuable.

Don’t assume that you cannot be hacked. When cryptocoins become popular, they also become quite valuable to hackers. Stay safe and purchase a great Bitcoin hardware wallet unless you want your investment to disappear.

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