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Wikileaks Set to Expand Its Donation Options, Accepting More Cryptocurrencies

Wikileaks moves to promote crypto even more


Wikileaks has been a big promoter of the cryptocurrency world, by allowing well-wishers to donate money in cryptocurrency. Now, the media group is reportedly set to start accepting an additional number of cryptocurrencies; something that is seen as a big milestone in the crypto space. Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, said:

Like our response to the first banking blockade, (Wikileaks) will open up additional crypto-currencies. Those wanting to contribute to Wikileaks can already use Bitcoin, Litecoin and the ultra-private Monero and Zcash,

Although users can make the donations directly, Assange also announced that they can purchase merchandise and use cryptocurrencies to pay for it. The platform has also announced the arrival of an Internet game, Wikileaks Cryptokitties, where one can buy, sell or bleed Cryptokitties built on the Ethereum blockchain.

In a tweet on December 17th, Julian Assange further announced that they had discovered a plot by US intelligence, which is targeting the foundation that provides the platform’s donors with tax deductibility.

The Freedom of the Press Foundation, also known as FPF, is an organization that has been helping Wikileaks process its financial donations via PayPal, MasterCard and Visa. Its operations were recently halted, meaning that Wikileaks has had to seek alternative means to continue accepting donations.

Not the First Time Wikileaks Has Accepted Crypto-Donations

Even with the news that Wikileaks is set to accept additional cryptocurrencies to allow users who wish to contribute and support its whistleblowing efforts to do so, it’s not the first time it has taken the bold move. Back in early August, the company released official information declaring that it was open to donations in Zcash, and then later on in Litecoin. Currently, Wikileaks accepts Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin and Zcash.

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What do you think about the move by Wikileaks to add more cryptocurrencies as a way to make donations? Could this move mean help grow the selected cryptos? Let’s hear your thoughts today.