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Win a Bitcoin! The Top 5 BTC Competitions for January / February 2018

Your top 5 chances to get into Bitcoin for (almost) free!


Let’s be realistic; not everyone can afford to get into Bitcoin anymore. Soaring prices, albeit ones that have been recently tempered, have seen a lot of casual investors turn to Altcoins as an affordable option. However, all is not lost. There are a great many chances for you to get a decent BTC holding online, through competitions. We’ve trawled through the Internet and come up with the top 5 five Bitcoin competitions at the moment!

1. Bitcoin Lotto

UK-based Lottoland are running a Bitcoin lottery. At the moment it costs £3 ($4.2 USD) to enter, and the prizes start at 1,000 BTC! The company have set the prize return rate at around 1 in 7, meaning that it’s a great deal easier to win something through this lottery than on a comparable fiat lottery, such as Euromillions. They’ll help you set up a Bitcoin wallet, or you can even choose to pay and receive your winnings in fiat (although the point or this article is getting in to Bitcoin!) It is expected that this concept will become more worldwide as 2018 progresses.

2. Bitcoin Faucets

Ok, so it will take a while to build up a reserve of BTC this way, but it is the most sure-fire way of being ale to get something for nothing. A faucet is a rewards website or app that exchanges tasks for Bitcoin. You might have to complete a captcha, or a different kind of task, but it will be quick and easy, leaving you with free Satoshi. Do enough, and you’ll start to accumulate relatively quickly. This may not be lucrative in the short-term, but there is less risk than with a lottery. Do be careful though; not all sites are reputable. Check the reviews before proceeding.

3. Blockchain Game

A really fun Google Play app, the blockchain game requires you to place blocks in the right positions to win weekly BTC payouts. Of course there’s a lot of advertising – they have to make money too – but again, you’re not spending anything as you play, and it isn’t a particularly hard game.

4. Paid Books

Paid Books does what it says on the tin; you read books in exchange for rewards. The good news for would-be BTC investors is that you can opt for your rewards to be paid in Bitcoin. Of course, as with Bitcoin Faucets and the Blockchain Game, rewards are not astronomically high, but this is still a great chance to get the ball rolling.

5. Bitcoin Casinos

As risky as regular casinos, there are a number of online and physical casinos now accepting and paying out in BTC for winners of games such as roulette, poker and random games. Again, there a great many sites out there such as BTC Casino, so do a bit of research before diving in.

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Do you use any online BTC prize sites? Would you enter a BTC lotto? Let us know in the comments.