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World Crypto Economic Forum (WCEF): 2018’s First Blockchain Event

WCEF will host 60+ speakers and over 1000 attendees.


The World Crypto Economic Forum (WCEF) is bringing the best blockchain experts to San Francisco for a two-day event. The WCEF is scheduled for January 15th and 16th, and will be the perfect spot for founders, investors, developers and blockchain enthusiasts.

Just to let you know, Bitrazzi founder Arda Kutsal will be joining the event and you can always approach him for a quick chat.

Now, let’s take a quick look at the speakers…

One of the keynote speakers will be Michael Arrington, founder of TechCrunch and XRP Capital, also named as one of TIME‘s most influential people in 2008. Other prominent experts include Bit Gold’s designer and cryptographer Nick Szabo, Hub’s founder and CEO Eric Ly, Evercoin’s founder Miko Matsumura, CULTU.RE’s founder, and Cointelegraph’s co-founder Toni Lane Casserly. Blockchain entrepreneurs and advocates such as Blockchain Capital’s Spencer Bogart, Abra’s Bill Barhydt, SALT Lending’s Shawn Owen, and Microsoft’s Spencer Montgomery will also be speaking at the event.

The first day will cover three topics: the future of the crypto world, investing in ICOs and tokens, and details on token sales and how to get listed on exchanges. Interested blockchain founders will even get a chance to take part in the token pitch competition. The second day will focus on applications of blockchain and the development of dApps. WCEF will also include special events such as a hackathon and an award ceremony for both the competitions. Additionally, participants can find partners for their start-ups by attending the power networking and VIP lounge, or being hired from the hiring mixer.

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For more information, visit WCEF:

Disclaimer: Bitrazzi is a media sponsor of the WCEF event.